A New BitPay SDK for iOS Developers

Our bitcoin payment gateway API is making its iOS-native development debut with our new iOS SDK. This release provides iOS developers the core functionality for cryptographically-secure interactions with the BitPay API. The SDK can be used to manage

Access the New BitPay Go Library

Go language developers can now easily authenticate and use the BitPay API with our newly-released Go library. We are always on the lookout for ways to make our payment gateway API more accessible to developers building custom integrations

Announcing the Bitcore Wallet Suite

We are happy to introduce a set of related open source projects that aim to provide a foundation for Multisignature HD Bitcoin Wallet developments. bitcore-wallet-service: A Multisig HD Wallet Service software bitcore-wallet-client: The client library to communicate to

Introducing the Bitcore Playground

In early 2014, we released Bitcore, an open source JavaScript library forked from the BitcoinJS project. We designed Bitcore to help developers jump into building Bitcoin projects more easily, and we have been actively improving on its functionality