Advance Autism Awareness with Bitcoin

Our new nonprofit partner Autism Speaks is embracing bitcoin as a funding method for its work in autism awareness, advocacy, and scientific research. Autism Speaks is at the forefront of efforts to improve life for individuals with autism

Support Global Impact With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is continuing to transform charitable giving, one organization at a time. Global Impact, which raises funds for leading international organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and UNICEF USA, is now accepting bitcoin donations. Global Impact builds partnerships

Use Bitcoin This Giving Tuesday

After Bitcoin Black Friday, digital currency users have another opportunity to show their support for bitcoin-accepting charities participating in the first Bitcoin Giving Tuesday. The bitcoin community has long been known for its generosity, as seen from its

Bitcoin for Campaign Donations

The FEC recently ruled that bitcoin can be accepted as a donation by political campaigns and organizations. We have been working on taking full advantage of this ruling. With midterm elections approaching, we have been striving to make